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Latest News: Wayside Furniture Fundraiser

"It is with great sadness that we report that our friend and brother, David Scalley, passed away Friday afternoon, April 1, 2016. He was surrounded by friends and neighbors in the lobby of his new apartment building when he collapsed. Medical attention was administered immediately but David could not be revived. Please keep David and his loved ones in your thoughts and prayers."

A Thanksgiving Message... 

It has just been announced that The Peter Maurin Center has once again this year been blessed by Wayside Furniture to be a recipient of matching funds during their annual Giving Event. This is how it works:
If a donation, up to $ 100 per check, is donated to The Peter Maurin Center, Wayside Furniture will match that donation. (Donations larger than $ 100 will only be matched up to the hundred dollars. Donations under $ 100 will be matched up to the amount of that specific donation.)
The event is scheduled for Friday 11/25; Saturday 11/26; Sunday 11/27 and Monday 11/28, or as long as the Wayside Furniture donation lasts.
The donation checks have to be made out to The Peter Maurin Center and have to be delivered to the Wayside Furniture Store, (1367 Canton Road; Akron 44312), during the store's regular business hours those days.
If you cannot deliver a check to the store personally, please call me 330-328-3199 or Jim Orenga 330-414-5639. We will arrange to get your donation to the store.
This is a very important fund raiser for The Peter Maurin Center. Last year we received approximately $ 8,000 from The Giving Event.
Please pass this information onto anyone that might not be on this mailing. Thanks for helping make this event very successful for The Peter Maurin Center.

Images of Homelessness in Akron 

The Peter Maurin Center now participates with CARS,  an organization that takes in donated cars and sends the value to us.

To learn more about CARS you can read how it works by clicking this link: How does CARS work?  

If you would like to make a donation, please click HERE or visit: 

Let this Thanksgiving be one of Gratitude for the many opportunities given to us to "see Jesus and be better able to quench his thirst with acts of love".
From the September 2016 issue of WORD written by Bishop William Curlin, Diocese of Charlotte:
One day Norman was standing outside (*Mother Teresa's) Adoration chapel, holding a glass of water. When a sister reminded him that food and drink are not allowed in the chapel, Norman pointed to the crucifix and the inscription under it: Jesus' words from the cross, "I thirst."
It's not for me;  it's for him," he said.
Like Norman, each of us can relate to Mother Teresa* and be call on by the wholehearted, creative love for Jesus.  Even if you didn't meet her in person, her simple ways of loving will challenge you and give you new eyes. You will see Jesus and be able to quench his thirst with acts of love.
* Now Saint Teresa of Calcutta

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