​The Peter Maurin Center has been working with the Ignatian Spirituality Project (ISP) for three years to provide retreat opportunities for men and women making their way from homelessness and addiction to recovery and renewal.  Two to Four times a year, we support The Ignatian Spirituality Project, (1-2 Men’s Retreats and 1-2 Women’s Retreats). The ISP was brought to the Akron area through the energy and enthusiasm of Fr. Bill Karg.

The goal of the retreat program is to complement the efforts of various agencies to meet the practical needs (short term shelter/housing, job training, etc.) of those who are homeless, with the installation of hope grounded in the experience of faith.

Men’s and women’s retreats are now being offered on a regular basis (two retreats a year for men and two for women) along with follow up days of reflection after each retreat.

These programs invite both a deepening connection to one’s true self and a greater sense of intimacy with God and with the larger community.

Specific goals include: 

  • help individuals emerge from homelessness 
  • bring families back together
  • gain hope for work
  • grow courage to apply for jobs
  • lessen feelings of loneliness
  • assist transitioning the homeless to a home

The Ignatian retreat helps empower people by starting with cornerstones. We recognize the dignity of all human beings, and we show that we believe in the capabilities of the homeless to success in life. 

Ignatian Retreat

Ignatian Retreat contact at Peter Maurin Center:

Father Karg. Email: wdkarg62338@yahoo.com

National Office Contact Information:
1641 South Allport
Chicago, IL 60608
info [at] ispretreats.org