Students With  A Goal

The Peter Maurin (PMC) participates in an after-school ministry for teenage residents in the neighborhood with SWAG (Students With A Goal). This neighborhood has the greatest occurrences of dysfunctional family settings that lacks a positive environment necessary for wholesome development, resulting in self-destructive outcomes for most teen. For an emerging gifted and motivated teen, eventually "the street" begins to be a more appealing option each of their teen-developmental year . The Teen Center presents a unique setting for a holistic program of: Mind - rigorous academic tutoring; Body - teens learn to purchase and cook healthy meals and to participate in healthy physical program; Soul - Bridges Out of Poverty curriculum, mediation, and spiritual reflection groups. (refer to GET INVOVED for volunteer opportunities).

This is a community program to provide snacks, tutorial assistance and activities for neighborhood teens on Mondays thru Thursdays. By working with these young adults during after school hours, the goal is to bring some structure, discipline and mentoring to them in what might otherwise be unsupervised time when parents / guardians are still at work. Our good friends of Good Samaritan Hunger Center/Akron are providing the hot meals on Thursdays, beginning January 2016.

‚ÄčTo support our SWAG Ministry, we can always use healthy snacks or help in preparing the snacks for the children. Contact Jim Orenga at or 330-414-5639.