Welcome to the Peter Maurin Center

We’re a non-profit charitable organization passionate about serving those in need in the Greater Akron area with prepared meals, clothing, friendships, and warm hearts.

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What We're Doing

Food Pantry

We’ve partnered with the Akron/Canton Food Bank and offer canned food, boxed food, fresh meat, milk, fruits, and vegetables when available.

Community Center

Our Peter Maurin Community Center ministers to those in the community by providing seasonal clothing, personal hygiene products, bicycles and friendship. We also offer guidance on personal matters where we can help.

Lunch Program - Hot Meals

We serve lunch to those in need every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from 11am to 2pm.

Matthew 8:20 Outreach Program

Our outreach ministry volunteers prepare and deliver various meals and supplies to those in need who cannot travel to our center.

Inclement Weather - Overnight Stays

When the weather becomes very difficult for outdoor living, the Peter Maurin Center opens its door about 6pm and lets in homeless brothers and sisters for an overnight stay.

Scholarship Fund

We believe in the education of our children that live in impoverished areas. As such, we have established a scholarship fund at Stark State College.

Bus Pass Program

We provide public bus transportation to legal and medical appointments, job interviews, and often buses as a warm place during winter.

Bike Program

We provide reconditioned bicycles to those who don’t have a means of transportation. These bicycles are supplied by Cycles for Christ, Jon Polhamus, Hudson, Ohio.

Emergency Lodging

In extreme circumstances, we will house homeless women in a motel until we can find them transitional housing.

Grocery Home Delivery Program

The Home Delivery Program is a collaboration among the Akron/Canton Foodbank, DoorDash, and the Peter Maurin Center. We work together to provide grocery delivery to households who are not able to go to a local food pantry in person.

Health Care Screenings and Information

Our retired registered nurse offers health care screenings and information. Her focus is on diabetes and hypertension as well as offering various other health care information. This service will be available every second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

Matthew 8:20 - Peter Maurin Center

Matthew 8:20

"Foxes have dens, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head."

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About Us

The Peter Maurin Center is a place of giving – hope, love, faith, prepared meals, and warm clothing. Our mission is to serve individuals and families who are unsheltered and marginalized in the Greater Akron area. We’re a non-profit charitable organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code.

Our facilities and community extends spiritual and corporal works of mercy in accordance with Matthew 25:31-46, as expressed in Catholic social teaching. At The Peter Maurin Center, we don’t have any paid staff, only volunteers who are as passionate about extending a helping hand as we are.

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Testimonial from a Long Time Volunteer

I have been privileged to volunteer at the Peter Maurin Center for the last 8 to 10 years, generally to prepare and serve lunch on Fridays. I act as a stock boy, sous chef, a cook in training, the guy who opens forty cans for beans, potato peeler extraordinaire, a greeter of guests, a server, a dishwasher. I sweep floors and wash tables. After serving dinner and while cleaning up I and others set aside food for the Saturday's Matthew 8:20 group of volunteers.


From the smallest crumb to a pair of socks, and even a friendly face of hope, The Peter Maurin Center invites anyone who loves community to join us in doing good deeds for those in need. Every single person and effort means the world.