What We Do

The Peter Maurin Center provides welfare services that include anything from clothing to religious gatherings to meals. As the saying goes, the more the merrier – and we’d love for you to join our team.

What We Do at Peter Maurin Center

From the day The Peter Maurin Center opened its doors for the first time, our vision was to create a space where the individuals and families in our community could go from being invisible and marginalized, to being welcomed, accepted, relevant, and truly apart of the community. Our plan originally consisted of offering a drink of juice or coffee, a simple bowl of soup or a sandwich, and most importantly, an ear and shoulder to those who visit our facility and want to express themselves and their thoughts. Well, that was our initial concept..


…Approximately 120,000+ meals and thousands of visitors later, it’s safe to say we met – and exceeded – our vision! In December 2020 alone, we served at least 1,800 meals –excluding what we serve in the field or our after-school activities and support for neighborhood students. Although we aren’t social workers, we do often direct those in need to our resources who can help them.

Peter Maurin Center Community Center

We’ve served our community for over 15 years now, and we’d love to both share some of our achievements thus far and invite people to volunteer or donate to further spread our love and vision for another 15 years and beyond.


The Peter Maurin Center is open to guests on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 11am where meals will be served between 12pm and 2pm. We pride ourselves on not accepting any Government subsidies. We rely solely on individuals, organizations, and churches to assist our Mercy Ministries in caring for our most treasured community.


Every Sunday, a local church provides our visitors with a prepared meal. These churches provide between1,350 and 1,500 meals each month, for which we and our community are eternally grateful. Some churches include:

  • St. Paul/Akron
  • St. Sebastian
  • St. Hilary
  • St. Mary’s/Hudson
  • Holy Family/Stow
  • Sacred Heart of Wadsworth
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe/Macedonia
  • St. Joseph’s/Cuyahoga Falls
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary/Cuyahoga Falls
  • St. Vincent de Paul/Regional
  • REACH Project
  • Ancient Order of Hibernians
  • and others

The Peter Maurin Center facilities are also open after hours throughout the night whenever winter’s frigid temperatures plunge to 10°F or below. As a result, between 20 and 40 individuals spend some nights in our facility to escape the bitter cold. These times often warrant us to keep our facility open for about 25 nights a year. If you’re interested joining our volunteering program, every helping hand makes a difference in meal planning, preparation, and serving.

What We're Doing

Food Pantry

We’ve partnered with the Akron/Canton Food Bank and offer canned food, boxed food, fresh meat, milk, fruits, and vegetables when available.

Community Center

Our Peter Maurin Community Center ministers to those in the community by providing seasonal clothing, personal hygiene products, bicycles and friendship. We also offer guidance on personal matters where we can help.

Lunch Program - Hot Meals

We serve lunch to those in need every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from 11am to 2pm.

Matthew 8:20 Outreach Program

Our outreach ministry volunteers prepare and deliver various meals and supplies to those in need who cannot travel to our center.

Inclement Weather - Overnight Stays

When the weather becomes very difficult for outdoor living, the Peter Maurin Center opens its door about 6pm and lets in homeless brothers and sisters for an overnight stay.

Bible Study

We host Bible study every Tuesday from 10am to 11am for people in the community who need a voice of hope, faith, and love.

Scholarship Fund

We believe in the education of our children that live in impoverished areas. As such, we have established a scholarship fund at Stark State College.

Bus Pass Program

We provide public bus transportation to legal and medical appointments, job interviews, and often buses as a warm place during winter.

Bike Program

We provide reconditioned bicycles to those who don’t have a means of transportation. These bicycles are supplied by Cycles for Christ, Jon Polhamus, Hudson, Ohio.

Emergency Lodging

In extreme circumstances, we will house homeless women in a motel until we can find them transitional housing.

Grocery Home Delivery Program

The Home Delivery Program is a collaboration among the Akron/Canton Foodbank, DoorDash, and the Peter Maurin Center. We work together to provide grocery delivery to households who are not able to go to a local food pantry in person.

Health Care Screenings and Information

Our retired registered nurse offers health care screenings and information. Her focus is on diabetes and hypertension as well as offering various other health care information. This service will be available every second and fourth Tuesday of the month.


From the smallest crumb to a pair of socks, and even a friendly face of hope, The Peter Maurin Center invites anyone who loves community to join us in doing good deeds for those in need. Every single person and effort means the world.