About Us

The Peter Maurin Center is an outreach ministry in South Akron, Ohio. Our mission is– and always will be – to service the community through God’s love and grace. In all we do, our goal is to provide hope, strength, and resources to individuals in our community who struggle to survive on their own.

Serving under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS Code, The Peter Maurin Center offers the community prepared meals, clothing, friendship, and spiritual guidance.

Our History

The Peter Maurin Center building was purchased in February 2006 after a benefactor offered to help us purchase our dining hall. They had a dream... like Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin - who founded the Catholic Worker. They wanted to have a "Store Front" or as we call it, a "drop in center." They wanted to create a safe haven where people could come in, share a meal and more importantly, find caring and friendly souls to listen and love them.

Though the building had been vacant for ten years, they decided it would be the perfect spot for our mission.

From 1913, the building had several functions, including a mortuary, bar, restaurant and most recently, a bar and grill. The center is situated in one of the poorest residential areas of Akron and has a bus stop right at our front door.

Though we purchased the building, we knew we still had quite a lot to do before we could open our doors. After extensive renovation, we opened our doors to the public for the first time in late November 2008.

Five years later, we were offered the building where our community center now resides. We are fortunate in that we own both buildings without any mortgage.

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From the smallest crumb to a pair of socks, and even a friendly face of hope, The Peter Maurin Center invites anyone who loves community to join us in doing good deeds for those in need. Every single person and effort means the world.